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EasyBalise is a very simple and robust windows standard application for presentation, analysis and modification of Eurobalise data. The data can be read by a Balise reader device or can be imported and exported by file transfer. The tool allows encoding and decoding of Eurobalise telegram according to the European specification and the generation of balise data. For presentation, analysis and modification, the information of each packet can be opened in a separate form. It contains and presents all variables of the packet. In the wite mode all ETCS variables can be modified manually. The content of the
coded packet data is automatically recalculated and verified according the the design rules.
RBC Logparser is a tool for offline analysis of the communication between the trackside RBS and the trains based on the Logfile created by the RBC. In a first step, the logfile is imported in the application. The content of the Logfile is analysed and all train runs are presented to the user. After selecting a certain train run, detailed data is listed from session establishment until session closing. All messages and packets send between RBC and trains can be analysed in details and all content of corresponding ETCS variables are decoded. Static speed profile and gradient profile can be shown and the train can run in a simuation mode. Also linking information and distances between balises can be calculated in order to compare with planning values.

Packet 44
The application TBL1Light and ZUBLight were designed for direct trackside testting using a Pocket PC windows mobile application for presentation and analysis of national data. The eurobalise data can be read, decoded and displayed on the screen. Das software is also compatible with the Psion Workabout Pro G2. The data can also be imported by file transfer. Packet information can be displayed easily through a list showing all variables and their corresponding values. Actually, Packet 44 en- and decoding is available for:
NID_XUSER=2 (ZUB/Signum, Switerland)
NID_XUSER=13 TBL1+ (Belgium)
NID_XUSER=3 ZSI (Switerland)
ETCS (European train control system) BaliseViewer is a simple app for the visualisation of the content of ETCS Eurobalise data according to the ETCS language. It is used for testing purposes in railway signalling environment. A local file with a specific format must be stored on the device. Analysis is done by a special Web Service of Railtool. LEU (Lineside Electronic Unit) and TLG (Telegram) programming files can be imported and corresponding data is displayed and visualised. The dataview model maps:
- LEU-channel(s) with corresponding telegram(s) (if imported from LEU file)
- Telegram with headers and packets
- Packets with variables and contents
If telegrams contain specific national information (packet 44) the corresponding signal aspect is displayed if possible. Actually the NID_XUSER = 2, ZUB SBB/BLS Switzerland and NID_XUSER = 13, SNCB TBL1+ are implemented. Other national systems can be implemented if corresponding specification are provided.
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